The Selection

KIERA CASS “If I had to put in simple words, then it’s that this one is highly entertaining!” When we fall into our senses trying to imagine this same old world a two hundred years later, sometimes we would pretty disastrous. But clearly, Kiera Cass hasn’t. She has created a perfect future America, where things are quite different. Monarchic, America is named as Illea and … Continue reading The Selection

Where She Went

GAYLE FORMAN A bewitching sequel to IF I STAY, with a change of perspective (male). This book is fueled with poems which sometimes steal your senses. Forman has thrown a high pitched happy ending. Three years after Mia’s accident, after which Mia and Adam have given a full stop to their relationship, they meet again in one of Mia’s concert. Where Mia Hall spots  Adam … Continue reading Where She Went


JAMES DASHNER “A fine art, with spontaneous thrill and mystery which takes you to a whole new community-in-world called glade.” A set of eighteen-year old boy-community receive a boy every month once. This has been happening since two years, but no-one knows where they’ve been coming from because their memories are erased, erased such that they can still survive. The first and eldest of all- … Continue reading THE MAZE RUNNER


Gayle Forman “Blended with love, stitched with care, and leaves us with tears.” This book is a prequel of a di-series whose sequel is written from the male perception. Mia Hall, seventeen-years old, has a family, who you can’t stop loving -An Adorable family with loads of love bonding each other. This little teenager’s life seems very perfect, where perfect could doubt itself. That’s when … Continue reading IF I STAY


I wasn’t sure whether I was in the planet earth or somewhere in the underworld or somewhere struck in Chaos. But I was sure that I was alive. Live and healthy as an apple. The world around me was extraordinarily busy and I stood aside my classroom, beside my table, near the window. I heard numerable indistinguishable voices that weren’t faint. About half a second … Continue reading A LITTLE RESPECT COULD MAKE HEARTS HAPPIER