A little respect could make hearts happier

I wasn’t sure whether I was in the planet earth or somewhere in the underworld or somewhere struck in Chaos. But I was sure that I was alive. Live and healthy as an apple.

The world around me was extraordinarily busy and I stood aside my classroom, beside my table, near the window. I heard numerable indistinguishable voices that weren’t faint. About half a second passed and I heard somebody calling me and I turned away to see who it was. But still the world seemed to be as busy as it used to and I wasn’t even a MATTER-OF-FACT.

Again a second ticked, I heard the same voice calling and then did I discover that it wasn’t from my class, but from my window. There stood a lady, almost to be a senior citizen about fifty to sixty years old, seeing me through my brown-shaded iris. She was a lady working in the labour department, who maintain the school and keep it clean. But to my surprise there wasn’t a single student who had noticed this poor old lady.

Not to make her wait, I quickly held out my hand and without saying a word, I got the bottle and benevolently told her that I would fetch her water as soon as possible. And the gratitude I received in return was priceless. The contentment her happiness gave was indescribable.

And with all my might, I fetched water with a happy heart and gave her the bottle. She told a ‘thanks’ with a broad smile on her face. I told her that I am there for her always to help and she could approach me if she wants a hand. Then, with the everlasting smile she turned back to work.

Little did I realize that there were thousands of such men and women working in our school we didn’t care to see and they were so lovable that they could make a heaven out of a hell?

Aren’t we mature enough to see what’s happening around us? I guess not. We are all so blinded and self-obsessed to even look around to what’s happening. With my anticipation I expect one-out-of-the-thousand’s heart is so-what-I-really-meant.  And what I mean is that let it be the most poorest or the diseased or the richest or healthiest, make sure you respect who is around you and what in return you get might be valued more than the Kohinoor diamond!

Little deeds of Love and Little words of Kindness, could make this world a Paradise; Like the heavens above!

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