Pay-Act World

Cost is a credit

Heart is not to debit

Your talent is not to pay

Mark it! It will be a say!


Who? Where? When?

Does it really matter?

Nor is a talented known?

But it hurts a lot…

When you are disappointed

It doesn’t take time or courage

To sacrifice your life,

You pay! You will have fame

You act! You will have fame

But your talents become lame

If you try to live in this pay-act world

Fear-Not, for this….

Not your friend, Not your teacher. It must be #YOU

Just a thought

Remember… your talent is not insured

In this conjuring world!

Try to pay your talent with your fulfilled heart

And the real world insures you!

4 thoughts on “Pay-Act World

  1. That’s a really interesting poem how to be yourself without placing a lot of expectations on the world around you. Very deep.. Keep up the good work!! Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

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