Sorry Wiped My Tears

Tears swelling in my eyes

Why does it hurt?

Why did I say?

All the truths

Which I knew

Will it be my pace?

Or will I have a face

Am I totally changed?

Is it all I can?

Or is there more to do?

How to be brave?

When I am so afraid,

I have never seen myself

Being in this state!

Is it the truth or the fake?

I really don’t know

Was it my mistake?

I see my cheeks so pink

I see my eyes so red

It takes me a lot to think

I am already fed

One wasn’t there

To wipe my tears

I didn’t had to fear

Will it be the end?

Or will it be the trend?

Clanged and Creaked

Now that I panic,

And it reveals my tears

What shall I do?

My eyes are dire

I have to seek some way

When I did,

I came about to know that there is a word called sorry!

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