Tears Of Fear

My face was drenched

With a spoon full of tears

I am going to take revenge on

The one who showed me fear


My eyes flared and then rolled down, ‘the tears’

Across my face, on my chin

Beneath my brow


My heart beats fast

The storm blew upon my face

It was dire and bleak to long last in the storm


Fear broke my heart,

It spoiled my care

It hooked my beauty

And finally killed my life


Fear just gives me

A hell filled with tears

I’m so blamed

For being learning fear


My face was ashen

I was so tired

Crying all long

I just didn’t know why

But my eyes were cold

With my lips dry


And a drop of blood revealed

I saw the death of fear

Why to live with fear?

I kept asking myself…

And got the answer

That’s life.

At sometimes, you are to be reminded of ; tears are precious.

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