Gayle Forman

“Blended with love, stitched with care, and leaves us with tears.”

This book is a prequel of a di-series whose sequel is written from the male perception.

Mia Hall, seventeen-years old, has a family, who you can’t stop loving -An Adorable family with loads of love bonding each other. This little teenager’s life seems very perfect, where perfect could doubt itself. That’s when everything goes pretty disastrous.

Pretty-Well, on a day affected by blizzard, this family decides to visit their kith and kin nearby. For their worst luck, the family meets with an accident where Mia’s beloved parents and her cute brother pass away. Beholden still in planet earth, Mia falls in coma. Hearing this news, Mia’s boyfriend Adam is left with a heartbreak.

He gushes to see her, where her remaining family have already assembled. He begs, cries, and pleads her to stay. And Mia has gone nowhere, she has just come out of her body, where she is able to see the whole world, but nobody else can see the pretty loving girl.

Each chapter captures our heart with Mia’s reminiscent past. Towards the end Mia finally wakes up to the tune of Adam’s song, who happens to be the lead singer-guitarist of an budding band called Shooting star.

The story leaves us with a tear in the eyes, and a sweet happy ending.

FAVORITE QUOTE:  “I’ll let you go, if you stay.”

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