“A fine art, with spontaneous thrill and mystery which takes you to a whole new community-in-world called glade.”

A set of eighteen-year old boy-community receive a boy every month once. This has been happening since two years, but no-one knows where they’ve been coming from because their memories are erased, erased such that they can still survive.

The first and eldest of all- Alby, the first one to be in glade is the leader of this community. There is nothing exceptional here that right from the sunrise to sunset it is the same world back out there, but there is one thing which brings Goosebumps and creeps in any sensible human being-The Maze.

A maze filled with deadly creatures, is battled by teens, who fight back to find their way home (back to the world). When Thomas enters, everything goes strange and abnormal. Within days after Thomas’s arrival Teresa-The last one ever arrives. With that there is neither sunrise nor sunset.

Gally, who doubts Thomas, goes mad and is stung by a griever (the creepy animal in the maze). Thomas to stop everyone from being dead, plans a recruit mission and is successful.

Book ends here.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “We live inside a place that has no way out”

“If you ain’t scared; you ain’t human.”

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