Where She Went


A bewitching sequel to IF I STAY, with a change of perspective (male).

This book is fueled with poems which sometimes steal your senses. Forman has thrown a high pitched happy ending.

Three years after Mia’s accident, after which Mia and Adam have given a full stop to their relationship, they meet again in one of Mia’s conc785342.jpgert. Where Mia Hall spots  Adam Wilde, her former love across the audience. They meet up backstage (voluntarily called by Mia) and hangout the following night.

But, both have flights to catch the following day. Yet, they hang out and Mia takes Adam to her secret adventurous spots in New York.

While they discuss and deliberate their past three years, Adam persuades Mia to tell why she had left him without any word. Mia breaks and explains the wholesome truth.

Rekindling their love, they unite and lead a very happy tale. Like any other fairy tale, this book too ends with a happy ending!


FAVORITE QUOTE :”I pull her to me. A thousand suns rise from my chest.”

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