The Selection


“If I had to put in simple words, then it’s that this one is highly entertaining!”

When we fall into our senses trying to imagine this same old world a two hundred years later, sometimes we would pretty disastrous. But clearly, Kiera Cass hasn’t. She has created a perfect future America, where things are quite different.

Monarchic, America is named as Illea and is run by aristocracies. The country has also been divided into classes based on their status an occupation.  When in years a boy comes to the throne, he is told to choose his soul mate from the daughters of Illea- This is called the Selection. Girls enrol themselves for this competition.

One of these girls is America Singer. America, Class 5 enters the selection for the welfare of her family; whereas her heart still yields for Aspen of Class 6.

The story book deals with America Singer’s choices of loving Maxon, the Prince.

Self-Laid America describes the palace as a beautiful cage as Aspen has left her heartbroken. She befriends Maxon at the very day she arrives at the palace.

America doesn’t fight. But her rivals do. The book ends with a start of the real competition.

The book is humorously romantic and yet is sarcastic.

Kiera Cass has thrown a lovely debut.

Favourite Character: MAXON

Favourite Quote: “One can never help being born into perfection.”


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