cvr9781849834605_9781849834605_lg.jpgMary Higgins Clark

“As usual the queen of suspense has proved her standards.”     

This book is vivid, enthralling and yes, it did send chills back down my spine. Stories are to be told, but this one can be than told, it can be lived. Clark has once again showcased her elegance in writing and she sets out to be an epitome for literature.

The story revolves around the murder of the protagonist, Ellie Cavanaugh’s sister, Andrea Cavanaugh. When Andrea ventures out at the dark after leaving her friend Joan’s house, she sneaks out the hideout in the Westerfield’s garage; where she has been meeting Rob Westerfield secretively. She had been murdered the same night.

When Ellie’s parents get anxious as Andrea didn’t show up that night, they call out the police and friends and search for her. But she is found nowhere. Poor little Ellie has always been trusted by Andrea and for sure Ellie knew where Andrea would be. But Ellie denied saying it to her parents because she had promised Andrea she won’t tell them. This was because Andrea had once been caught by her father hanging out with Rob, and from the day forward she was warned not to see Rob, who earned a Bad name among Andrea’s parents as well as the society.

But the decision Ellie made had been the wrong one. Her sister was found dead next morning and to her distaste she was the one to discover it. From that day on, the ever loving Cavanaugh family split only leaving behind the blood stains and sorrows of Andrea’s death.

Twenty three years pass. Ellie’s dad Ted remarried; her mom passed away due to liver failure. Ellie had grown up with her mom, now being a twenty nine year old girl, and also an Investigate reporter to a newspaper firm.

Rob Westerfield was convicted for Andrea’s bludgeoned murder and had served twenty two years in jail. But the coming week he had his parole and at was at the very possibility of being acquitted.

Ellie in an attempt to stop this gathers crimes he has committed which had been covered by his wealth and prepares a defence against him.  No-one except her father believes that Rob Westerfield had been the true murderer. This was what Ellie said when she seven years old and people didn’t really believe her.

The plot revolves around with Ellie’s Investigation on proving Rob as the true convict not only of her sister’s murder but also another dear little girl’s.

The book ends with Ellie getting married and uniting back with her family and her lovely half-brother Teddy.

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