Health: Biologically it doesn’t mean that being disease resistant is healthy. It means having an intricate social behavior, well-maintained physic and livid mentality.

If seen biological standards, I think there is seldom a healthy person in our modern society. With the fascinating fourteen years I have spent on planet earth, I could elucidate that if there happens to be a person healthy by the mentioned terms, he/she should probably be more or less an Ape – The best that could be termed.

What we call technology, is simply not the reason for ruining an individual’s health. It’s simple – One’s health is in One’s hand. It is that individual, who is solely responsible for being ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’. Yet, with the regardless time people don’t accept it’s their fault for being unhealthy.

Right from toddlers to senior citizens’ – Everyone in a way has spoiled their health. This world is in a fiasco and is always. But it is not that we should always be a part of it. Exempting ourselves won’t stem us from the world entirely. It just happens to let ourselves to be lone enough to know the real ‘us’.

“The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”
Ann Wigmore

When a kid asks for bars of chocolate, the child’s parents don’t deny it these days or if they supposedly deny it, the child faces a tantrum which worsens the child’s social and mental behavior.

It that was the case of teenager, this could be healthy-fruits-health-apples-largedifferent. The teen would propose an approval of a smartphone or a gadget. If that proposal was denied, the teen falls into a certain syndrome or hysteria, which sometimes result a very bad decorum of the being.

Well, considering the grown-ups, the young genera of the society – they aren’t really grown enough to sustain a proper health. Either they are remiss or they care more, where both pose a threat. Overlooked, people don’t concede the fact they aren’t healthy in social or mental terms.

Those who fall in the category of the late forties or thirties; they don’t really value health. This is the crucial stage where they become unhealthy. Heeding their work for a wealthy living is the agent which makes most people in this category unhealthy.

Of the elder citizens – most are healthy by means of sociability due to their years of experience of the society. Unfortunately, they tend to fail being healthy in the physical terms which is a sickening thought at the very ‘thought’ of it.

All that I have been trying to confront all long is that for an individual, the cardinal element in his or her life must be health. Don’t ever estimate health as just health. It’s HEALTH, without which your life could be doomed. Reviving your health, perhaps cannot be that easy.

But, well do care for your health!




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