“Though it’s for children, it entertains grownups too.”

I do love tales. But reading tales, tales that had happen in our very own lives is why tales interest me. Matilda for sure was interesting.81eu3FDJSZL

Matilda, born a brilliant doesn’t amaze her parents. She has been a disgrace for them all long. All the way, the kid has shown signs of possibly being the next Mozart or Einstein. But no, her parents are so moronic that they display a curt behavior towards Matilda.

Matilda’s parents have always prided themselves upon their cleverness, never knowing how stupid they were. But Matilda never seems worried. Heaving away the tense circumstances, she finds her interests in reading. She is also a wonderful mathematician, that she is even quicker than a human calculator at calculating things.

By the age of five, Matilda has finished reading a lot of books that even the grownups haven’t read or sometimes even heard. She is sent to school apprehensively by her father.

But the teacher- Ms.Honey at the very first day, acknowledges the intelligence in this little girl. When she approaches the principal and then her parents, both deny the fact and constantly say that Macover171836tilda is naughty and mischievous.

After certain circumstances, Matilda comes to know how poor Ms.Honey is and she hears her tale. Matilda has a very important role to play in changing Miss Honey’s life. Matilda takes vigorous practice and yes, she accomplishes it.

In the climax, Matilda’s parents decide to leave the town due their fraudulent and bogus tricks in the business, but the story ends by Matilda staying back with Miss Honey, rather than with her ignorant parents.

FAVORITE QUOTE: Never do anything by halves that you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole Hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy that it is unbelievable.


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