THE ELITE (Selection #2)


“Right from the very beginning to the near, I didn’t want even to miss a letter”

The story of selection is continued. America is privileged to qualify the competition and becomes one of the elite. Yet she beholds a high distaste of love from Maxon’s father, also the king of Illea. The five girls fight the battle for the crown and also for the love of their life.The-Elite-A-Selection-Novel-by-Kiera-Cass

America Singer never sees the other girls as her rivals. She builds a sense of Sisterhood among the others and so does the other girls. It also emphasizes the braveness of America and her Radicalism.

The competition nearly comes to an end by
America being chosen as the queen. But she disagrees to become the queen and asks for some time to behold all the qualities of being a queen.

One moment where your heart could break is Marlee being thrown out of the competition and being caned. Marlee was the closest of all to America. But due to the affair she had with officer woodwork she was caned amidst the whole country.

The story ends with America almost being sent home for the offensive attitude towards the king but Maxon had been the incentive to make her stay.


FAVORITE QUOTE: “Sometimes I feel like we are a knot; too hard to take apart.”

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