We are never hungry, aren’t we?

We are never hungry, aren’t we?
We have such instincts that we are never really bothered about how hungry we are. The prime reason for this instinct is that we have never really been hungry. Every single grain of food the luxurious us waste, is all that is yearned for by the poor. We never value which is ought to be valued. We never want to do so.
We have never been so hungry – Our stomachs burning because of the gastric acids erupting inside like a volcano that hasn’t been active for millions of years; our stomachs growling like bears that haven’t eaten in a month; our stomachs aching like a bruise that hasn’t been aided. The pain that is to be endured is that pain we can never in our lives dream of.
When a man so poor, after a day’s hard work comes home tired due to the scorching heat only to find a very minimal level of food, will know how hungry he is. When a child, homeless and orphaned wanders around begging, only to get a chunk of bread to full his stomach will know how hungry he is. Strolled and banished from her house, the poor old woman in the street will know what hunger is.
I happen to see people everywhere. And from most I hear – “I am very hungry. I would like to eat a pizza now.” Is that what hunger means? No.
Indeed, we are hungry – We crave for money, for wealth, for assets, for dreams, for happiness, for all that we want. But we are never hungry enough for food.
When I am so fortunate to dine more than three times a day, there are people out there who don’t stand for one. They are to be pitied, but instead they are cursed. They are cursed for just being a liability.
In the street I see rag pickers, some who are old and some who are just born. Whoever it is, for sure the only reason they rummage for is food; for that food which we waste.
Children who die from hunger have never in their lives committed a sin, for except being born poor. They never happen to know for all their lives that there exist some delicate dishes, which we feed upon on our daily basis. They never have known what an ice-cream or a cool drink is.
For all those who died of hunger. As a tribute, never do waste even a grain of rice or a drop of water. That which you waste can save lives – Lives which are on the edge of death, lives which fight against hunger, and lives which ought to live.
Think when you eat, Think while you waste!
When you sit down to eat, all you will want to do is to hope for food for everyone.
“They are us. We are them. We are all one world.”
Hope for a better world.

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