I live in a world where people are highly busy and focused. They are so highly focused that they have no idea about what’s happening around. They never care the least about how people around them survive, as for which they only are concerned about themselves.

There were days on this planet, when people loved each other, cared for each other and lived for each other. Those days are mere memories belonging to our ancestral kith and kin and never to us. We are befriended by technology and money for which we love, live and care. Every day, I watch the World and its habitants. To be precise I observe. All I happen to see is less sympathy and more Agony-A wrath between people for Money. The money which tore bloods apart, the money which erased humanity and that money which dissipated the love among lives.

If you had observed a child, the child is pampered with toys that were once an impossibility for humanity. These kids from their childhood are let alone and never exposed to real love. Separated and grown, these children devote and favour money as their only goal and forget love and relations. They never realise that money doesn’t cherish their lives.

Money has led us to the very extreme of leaving our parents in Old Age Homes and Children in Foster Care. One thing to be kept in mind- Money is valuable, but Love is priceless.

Money only puts us down.

We as humans lack one thing in common-Humanity. It has been dissolving since the rise of greed for money. We never realise how important ‘We’ are and go behind a lifeless thing.

As mentioned earlier, I happen to observe a lot of things around me. Seeing this chaotic drama, I was only left with a broken heart.

When I was travelling in the car with my brother, I was commenting on how fast he drove the vehicle and I told him to slow down the car. On the footpath, I saw an old man sitting or rather lying down lifelessly. He was not just old; he was withered and wilted after all the years of hard work. But my pain-writhed heart told me that this man was never the same ten years ago. It also told me that he was left behind for some unfound reason. This was a due opinion. It could be the other way, the way that my brain told- He could have left his house or He was a useless man to the society.

There was a small battle between the opinion of my heart and my brain. It didn’t matter whether the triumph was for my heart or brain. All that mattered to me was how was the man going to survive in the forthcoming circumstances of the world.

“Life is never easy. Life was meant to be burdened with hardships. To face is our duty -The duty of humans.”

Criminalizing-Poverty-027Not just “The Man on the Footpath”, there are a lot of people around the world, who are lost from the love of their families and are banished to be loved again. All along the way, I did see a lot of people in the same world of liabilities.

As an ode to the man on the footpath, I write this article. I do leave behind a message for my fellow human beings:

Dear Friends and Family,

There are a million people out there, who yearn for your love and not for money. Please love them. They will never abandon your love.

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