It has been a while since I have been writing up reviews. I am pretty sure that I did complete reading this book in the late June, yet due to the scarcity of time in my fast fledged life I am writing this November.

This story by Rachel Ward is a pretty good one, but extremely long. The story is far fetched which makes it little boring. Apart from that I didn’t really wish for such a tragic end though. Meanwhile the novel has it’s good counterparts too.

The Author did unleash to this world an unimaginable power. The power to see death dates. With this superficial reality, the author could’ve brought out a yet better plot but well whatever it is, it was OKAY!

The story I gunumbers-time-to-run-rachel-wardess is headed upon by an Introvert called Jem, who has the mysterious power to predict the death of a person when she looks into them through their eyes. The deuteragonist  is played here by Spider, predominantly a bossy character, who plans on becoming a thug in future.

A series of events take place and when Jem hangs out with Spider to a fair, she goes to the London’s Eye (a ferris wheel) and sees that all the people there have that day’s date as their date. Apprehensive, the run away from the London’s eye, only before seconds the bomb blast takes place. Suspicions are thrown upon them; they elope and a they begin their adventurous journey ahead with cops chasing them.

Finally Jem realises that Spiders death date is a week away. They spend their time together and Jem conceals the fact of Spider’s death date, yet she reveals to him that she can see death dates. While they decide to surrender to the police, the story ends tragically showing Spider fall off from a roof while convincing Jem that they still have a pretty good life ahead.

Five years later, Jem is shown as a mother to spider’s son, who was concieved by Jem only days after his death. There yet is a sequel to this story, which if I happen to read will update you all.

Jai Santhoshi.S

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