Happy Diwali folks! May this Diwali usher in happiness, health, wealth and all sorts of prosperity in your life. May all the evil rest, and the good bring in light to all the blackened out times.

I wanted to tell you all one thing beforehand, that is you needn’t hesitate to burst crackers, because there a thousands of children working in the chemical factories at renown places like Sivakasi, working in vicinity of the hazardous chemicals, despite all the odds, just for this single day, which may give them a few bucks on which they depend to live. You needn’t become an environmentalist all of a sudden. If you think, by bursting crackers you might pollute our Mother Earth, then you should also think, every single time you use a car, or any fossil fuel based vehicle. Think- bursting a few crackers worth a few thousand bucks, may fill the stomachs of the rugged and ragged for almost a year. So, it might seem stupid, but believe me, you can burst crackers, and raise your voices against the god damned government about all the nuisances and atrocities they are causing, throwing the once prospering state in havoc and chaos.


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