There lurks a deep, dark secret behind those

Irises, which dwell into deep black holes,

They hold on to me like the pulse of my heart beat

There seemed to be a whole new universe beyond it,

Just you and me.

His fingers fit into mine so perfectly,

That there couldn’t be a better puzzle,

To solve, and a more confusing mystery to

Exist. It’s just that.

Just you and me.

Holding on to me, like I were the gravity

Beyond all the things that ceased to exist.

Dimensionless, we held on to hope.

Hope that it’s just us and the void between.

Just you and me.

Despite the world against us,

Against all the odds that existed,

And all the impossibilities which pulled us apart,

Will we live through this.

Just you and me?

*NOTE*: I’ve tried to be quite poetic since I tried writing a romantic poem, I’m not pretty sure if it really is.

4 thoughts on “JUST YOU AND ME

    1. I am sure, one day, you will make me proud as well. Me making you proud is for sure and I promise you that. But you’ll have to promise in me return that you make me proud as well 🙂


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