I don’t really know what happened to me, but I decided to get fit. Now that I’ve really stopped playing badminton as much as I did last year, and forgot what yoga really is, I really need to consider them. I really need to.


Badminton classes were the best. The fact that my teacher used to give the worst set of exercises and random punishments for doing them wrong really sounds bad, but now looking down the lane, it really feels good. The exhaustion after hours of playing, and the games that you loose by a point, and those days when you just don’t have a water break.

I’d been once asked to do 50 sets of toss, (one set usually had 10 reps) just for not doing a set of 10 the first time. That night I had a sore arm, and my hand literally went numb the following day. But that evening I was literally a pro at tossing. My coach just smiled at me and I knew she’d given me the right punishment. Sometimes an extra round of running would hurt, but the next day, it would be just the usual. I literally learnt to smash and drop that way. If it hadn’t been for those water breaks that I came late from, I’d be a little bad at them.

How could I miss the game – be it singles or doubles, they were quite amazingly fun!

Those days were amazing, and now that it’s been over a year since I stopped taking classes, I just miss them. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I wanted to play. And I knew I can’t. Even yoga couldn’t help. Yoga is easy, but it doesn’t exhaust you as much as badminton does. You can’t really scale them, because both are two different things.

And I don’t really do either of them now.

Suddenly, I decided I would.

I will.

Since badminton doesn’t really fit in my schedule, yoga for sure will. Either way, it helps me get back in shape. I just hope I really do. Let’s see.

(There’s a different story – basketball life, later in the near future)

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