Isn’t it a little too heart wrenching to hear someone say that?

But I am glad, I’ll be telling that to my two year rollercoaster; which predominant had a lot of downs than ups. And as I always fear rollercoaster rides, I did fear about this one in the beginning.

It would be too overwhelming to tell all of it one blog, so I’m slicing it up just like pizza.

Here’s the first slice –

I’d left my hometown, switched to a completely new school. But I didn’t care about making friends, being nice and all that. For that matter I didn’t care about anything in the beginning. Literally nothing.

I joined a coaching institute which had so many excellent brains already. I always am a mess in planning things, and for that note I’m never, ever organized.

So, the first day of a so called new beginning arrived. And as you’d all expect, I ran late to my first class. As I reached my class, I didn’t even manage to ask an excuse. I went down and took a seat and then I made my first friend there. Not one, but three of them.

Rakshith, Tamilselvan and Keshav – these three were the first of first friends I had there. These three are really cool people. Rakshith and I would always have fun quarrels (sometimes really bad quarrels too). Tamilselvan was that guy who would be sweet to anyone and it was kind of good to hear that he also like Paneer Butter Masala (it’s a dish). Now coming to Keshav, there’s no one like him – he was cool and everything. Just that I liked annoying him, so we always had fun making fun of each other.

Days passed and trust me they pass real quick. We were reshuffled according to our marks and I ended up in the second class. I liked my old class, which I was barely in (two months maybe). But it was fun there too.

Now I fell sick even before I went to my new class. Dengue – some damn mosquito had apparently bitten and put me through a phase, where half the time I cried because I couldn’t go to school and the rest about how those medicines and injections made me feel. Took an entire month for me to recover only to fall sick again.

By the time I was all set and ready it was September. Oh yeah I almost missed it- I also missed the one and only school trip that my school had offered. I missed out a lot of stuff in school and I didn’t have even the slightest jeer to make it up and get on track.


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