The Book Bucket – June 2020

So the lockdown has become an inevitable phenomenon. Reading books have become my favorite pass time again (JEE stole all the time I had). I made a book bucket for this month; and I think I will try my best to stick to this.

A Book is a dream that you hold in your hand

Neil Gaiman

Books have been my source of some witty wisdom and know it all knowledge I believe I have. And to be back at it, I’m more than happy. So stay tuned for more such updates.

Make yours now

If you too have lost the habit, I urge you to make one. After all – we all are humans, and we tend to lose habits. Get that list out now. We lose some habits down the line. We eventually lose count and track as well. Little do we know the changes as we go through life. Life for in itself is a huge metamorphosis. We end up shedding these beautiful tell tales of our lives. But it’s all in your hand. And you, only you can get them back in line.

She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live

Annie Dillard

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