AUTHOR : RACHEL WARD PUBLISHER : SCHOLASTIC PUBLISHERS SYNOPSIS : It has been a while since I have been writing up reviews. I am pretty sure that I did complete reading this book in the late June, yet due to the scarcity of time in my fast fledged life I am writing this November. This … More NUMBERS


ROALD DAHL “Though it’s for children, it entertains grownups too.” I do love tales. But reading tales, tales that had happen in our very own lives is why tales interest me. Matilda for sure was interesting. Matilda, born a brilliant doesn’t amaze her parents. She has been a disgrace for them all long. All the way, … More MATILDA

The Selection

KIERA CASS “If I had to put in simple words, then it’s that this one is highly entertaining!” When we fall into our senses trying to imagine this same old world a two hundred years later, sometimes we would pretty disastrous. But clearly, Kiera Cass hasn’t. She has created a perfect future America, where things … More The Selection

Where She Went

GAYLE FORMAN A bewitching sequel to IF I STAY, with a change of perspective (male). This book is fueled with poems which sometimes steal your senses. Forman has thrown a high pitched happy ending. Three years after Mia’s accident, after which Mia and Adam have given a full stop to their relationship, they meet again … More Where She Went