Every morning just the same, Nothing new, and not so lame.I scurry across a few miles, And do my best to bring few smiles! As a team we work and play,A whole new challenge everyday!We thrive and work with pleasure and glee, Excited and enthralled is our office, and so are we. Changes we do … More WORKPLACE


JAI SANTHOSHI SATHISH KUMAR  Emerald green eyes gazing at the ceiling, She sat propped up on a withered chair; Wounds turned into scars, forbidden healing, Transfixed, she let the wind sway her hair. The depths of the memories chimed in, Applauses around were heard no more; A deep penetrating silence was the new found din,  … More GEARS AND CLUTCHES 


Jai Santhoshi Sathish Kumar I look through the bars  Past the barren lands  Earth had become the new mars  Forlorn without helping hands  There was happiness and health Which were not given a glance They longed wit and wealth  But they didn’t stand a chance Struck by a powerful curse They live as sinners Left … More DROUGHT


JAI SANTHOSHI SATHISH KUMAR (This poem is written in free verse) Speak to her, he said With a mere sad smile to fade, Solemnly I sat, And uttered “No” under my breath.  With the sky bleak and the sun gone, We sat there like its forever When time came to end I said a good … More CLIFF


I am just a mere human Fragile, weak and vincible I am just a mere human Kind, Caring and Lovable   People say Oxygen An essential for survival People say Oxygen A potential for revival   But to me, You are more important But to me, You are my soul’s concomitant   I’d live without … More SURVIVAL


  Jai Santhoshi.S I’d rather be alone Than with people who hurt me I can tell my heart that “It’s Done” Even before you could say me   What I seek of all Is nothing but solitary Even if I happen to fall There will be none to catch me   My heart will yield … More SOLEMNLY