Jai Santhoshi.S I’d rather be alone Than with people who hurt me I can tell my heart that “It’s Done” Even before you could say me   What I seek of all Is nothing but solitary Even if I happen to fall There will be none to catch me   My heart will yield … More SOLEMNLY

Death Drop

Even the tear you shed… Will become a debt one day… The day is not to be in a million years… But it is meekly near.   A drop isn’t valued now, And people don’t know how; Valuable the drop is, That drop which you can’t kiss.   Not sacks of gold, Or anything in … More Death Drop

Tears Of Fear

My face was drenched With a spoon full of tears I am going to take revenge on The one who showed me fear   My eyes flared and then rolled down, ‘the tears’ Across my face, on my chin Beneath my brow   My heart beats fast The storm blew upon my face It was … More Tears Of Fear

Pay-Act World

Cost is a credit Heart is not to debit Your talent is not to pay Mark it! It will be a say!   Who? Where? When? Does it really matter? Nor is a talented known? But it hurts a lot… When you are disappointed It doesn’t take time or courage To sacrifice your life, You … More Pay-Act World