Will You?

Jai Santhoshi Sathish KumarNo medicine could heal, The bruises you left behind. You Broke me into pieces Mere shards of glass. Reflecting back memories, Which bled into my veins, Fresh in my blood, it gushed Past my heart, not anymore. Time was hell, and heaven Ceased to exist long back. I still breathe, Because I … More Will You?


Happy Diwali folks! May this Diwali usher in happiness, health, wealth and all sorts of prosperity in your life. May all the evil rest, and the good bring in light to all the blackened out times. I wanted to tell you all one thing beforehand, that is you needn’t hesitate to burst crackers, because there … More HAPPY DIWALI FOLKS!


I know my eleventh grade life is so packed up and I don’t even have a minute to spare, but to be honest, I’ve always tried to make time for the things I would love to do. So I did. Here goes the mandala which took a lot of time and gave me patience. Cheers … More MANDALA #1


Every morning just the same, Nothing new, and not so lame.I scurry across a few miles, And do my best to bring few smiles! As a team we work and play,A whole new challenge everyday!We thrive and work with pleasure and glee, Excited and enthralled is our office, and so are we. Changes we do … More WORKPLACE


JAI SANTHOSHI SATHISH KUMAR  Emerald green eyes gazing at the ceiling, She sat propped up on a withered chair; Wounds turned into scars, forbidden healing, Transfixed, she let the wind sway her hair. The depths of the memories chimed in, Applauses around were heard no more; A deep penetrating silence was the new found din,  … More GEARS AND CLUTCHES